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Commercial Shredding Houston

ShredTex offers full-service commercial shredding to the entire Houston metro area all surrounding areas. Services are customized to meet your needs.  Comercial shredding Houston doesn’t get any easier than this.  Contact us today to get started.

You choose the frequency of our service. Whether your need is a Periodic Clean Out, Regularly Scheduled Visits or a One-Time Emergency Call, ShredTex will customize a plan that will meet your needs.

Periodic Purge or Clean Outs

Are your shredding needs better served on an infrequent basis? If so, ShredTex offers document shredding services which we refer to as purges or clean outs. This service is available on a predetermined basis, usually once or twice per year. Materials are shredded on site.

  • We provide temporary containers
  • Material can be left in boxes
  • ShredTex will shred your materials onsite

Routine or Scheduled. Contact a ShredTex representative for a free consultation.

This service ensures regular visits for the customer who wants their documents shredded on a predetermined calendar. This service can be scheduled on a regular, prearranged basis and is usually monthly or quarterly. Sign up for routine services and the use of security containers is provided to you free of charge. There are many sizes of security containers to choose from.

  • Use of locking security containers are provided to you free of charge.
  • There are many sizes of security containers to choose from.
  • Periodic, scheduled shredding services to meet your needs.
  • ShredTex will shred your materials onsite.
  • Electronic media destruction and other sensitive materials destroyed

Let ShredTex Save You Money!

If you are currently doing your own shredding, Shredtex could save you more than $2,000 per year in wages alone. Also, if you’re thinking of purchasing a standard office shredder, it may very well be inadequate for your needs, especially with all the new laws governing the types of sensitive materials, products, and documents that your Company needs to shred.

On Call to Meet Your One-Time Need for Destruction. Contact a ShredTex representative for a free consultation.

ShredTex offers an on-call service that sends a truck out for a one-time destruction need. You still have the assurance that material is destroyed in our truck at your site. Materials can be left in your own boxes/containers. This is an excellent spring cleaning option!

We serve Houston, Texas and the surrounding communities offering a variety of document shredding services.

Remember paper is not the only thing we destroy.

We shred:

  • Computer Disks, CDs, DVD’s
  • Computer tapes
  • Uniforms
  • Identification badges
  • Credit Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Learn more about our product destruction services

Are You Moving or Changing Your Offices? We Can Help

We will come by and shred your outdated confidential materials so you don’t need to move it. For those documents you do need to store, ShhreTex provides document storage facilities which are an economical option for short term and long term storage solutions.

Emergency Service

When your business needs require immediate attention, ShredTex can respond with a fast, on site visit. For more information call 713-466-3858 or toll-free 866-788-3858.  Additional fees may apply.

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