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Records Management Houston

At ShredTex, we understand when our clients express concern for the level of Records Management expertise they may have in-house.  We are here to help.  Our specially trained, certified Records Management Houston professionals can help you create procedures for managing records through the ordinary course of business, develop a classification system to link records to their respective functions and prepare a comprehensive records retention schedule across your company in accordance with federal and state laws.  Contact a ShredTex Houston records management professional today for specialized help.

Although records and information management may be a support function and never thought of as an opportunity to generate revenue for your firm, an effectively designed and implemented program can reduce organizational expense and improve efficiency.

Office space is expensive. Why use it to store information that is infrequently accessed? Would doing this have a positive impact on your business? Contact us today and put yourself on the road to an efficient, cost-effective records management program.

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