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We will shred any color or type of paper, including file folders. Also, you don’t have to worry about paper clips, staples, and rubber bands. Our shredders will take care of it all.

For security. Recycling services are not designed to provide security. Generally, recycling services use open collection containers which are accessible to anyone. Generally, the employees of recycling service companies are not security screened personnel. Your paper is transported in the trucks in whole form, and that means your private information is visible to everyone. Paper is typically taken to a warehouse, which is accessible to the public, and the paper is sorted for grade.

You don’t need to. Our industrial strength shredder can rip through all of this.

No, just drop all of the contents into our locked security bins. ShredTex will render it all useless upon shredding.

Yes you may. Many different sizes and colors are available. You may order these on-line, by phone or fax.

Our standard bins hold 200-250 pounds.

Absolutely, small organizations need professional outsourcing services for non-revenue producing functions. ShredTex recognizes that resources are limited and each associate wears many hats within the organization. Therefore, ShredTex mission is to provide all businesses with the most secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for the safeguard of their information assets. Even if you have less than 10 employees, we will work with you to find the right options/services to meet your needs.  Remember, we offer infrequent purge services that you can depend on.

We can drop off as many containers as you think you will need, before the shredding date, for you to use to sort your files.

Yes. All of the shredded paper is taken to a recycling company to be used as feedstock for various recycled products. The other media is taken to a waste-to-energy plant for generation of energy, which is transferred to the local electrical grid.

No, shredding is done with the large, commercial shredder permanently mounted in our truck(s)  We would park the truck in a location such as your parking lot or adjacent to your building. Shredding is done on-site, where you can watch, if you would like. This allows for total security! This method is best in the industry.

Yes, you can keep your boxes to reuse them on your next visit, or we can take them away.

Yes. We offer a variety of containers, both lockable and non-lockable to meet your needs.

Money!  It will cost you 3 to 5 times more to shred in-house than to have a shredding service.  Amortization of a shredder, staff time, and square footage for the operation, maintenance, power costs, and disposal costs all add up to much more than we charge and we do all the work!

Yes we do, immediately following the completion of the requested shredding. We can provide paper a certificate and also offer an optional video certification with our DVD documentation system.

No, it does not. The Certificate of Destruction is supporting documentation for your Records Manager and Retention Program.

Just call us and we will come out early. We will reset your schedule from that date of service.

Manually shredding documents is costly and it wastes valuable labor hours. It is inefficient to have your valuable employees standing over an office shredder dropping in one or two pages at a time. Since a good office shredder shreds approximately 20 pounds of paper per hour, it would take you three hours to shred a case of paper. Our shredder destroys up to 8000 pounds of paper per hour. In addition, the average office shredder shreds documents in 5/8″ strips, which can easily be reconstructed.

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