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Hard Drive Destruction Houston



Is Your Confidential Information for Sale Online?

“There are many stories in which somebody has bought a used computer and found confidential information on it, but nobody has ever quantified the scale of the problem, so we decided to find out.”  Simson Garfinkel, MIT graduate.

In a study performed by two MIT graduates, 158 used hard drives from purchases of used computer hardware on eBay were found to contain massive amounts of confidential information, including credit card numbers and other financial information. The grads found that overwrite and delete software was ineffective at removing all data from the drives.

Imagine having to inform your CEO that 10 million customer records were retrieved off a tape which was sold for $14.00. Bottom line, never sell used media, destroy it.

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Hard Drive and Media Destruction is the ONLY Method to Permanently Destroy Data

Confidential information on hard drives has become a target for identity theft, corporate espionage, and a national security threat. When corporations and organizations upgrade their computers, they often remove the hard drives, use software to erase the data, and send them to computer recyclers here and abroad.

Although the programs say they erase the data, some just delete the directories on the drive while the actual data remains. Other available software can actually restore the information in those directories, giving anyone access to the information that was assumed to be deleted. This leaves your organization vulnerable.  ShredTex hard drive destruction service means the hard drive is physically shredded and the minute particles that remain are properly recycled.

Remember: Erasing your hard drive doesn’t mean the data is gone.
Remember: Hard drive destruction is proven to be the only 100% secure way to destroy data from hard drives permanently.
Remember: ShredTex state-of-the-art shredding machines are specifically designed to shred the drives so no data can ever be reconstructed or retrieved. Watch the ShredTex Destroyer in action below.

Hard Drive Destruction Houston

The ShredTex Secure Hard Drive Destruction Process Includes:

  • No degaussing
  • No hole drilling
  • Simple rate structure for business or individuals
  • Timely destruction
  • Serial number list recorded of each drive prior to destruction, with a copy to you at no additional charge
  • Certificate of destruction provided for each project
  • We recycle 100% of all hard drives we destroy
  • Total compliance with Heath Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws
  • High-capacity equipment allows several hundred units to be destroyed at a time
  • Call for a pickup, ship your items, or drop them off at our facility
  • Entire process is AAA certified by NAID, regarded as the most secure process available for hard drive destruction.

ShredTex Guarantees:

  • SHREDTEX will issue a Certificate of Destruction for each project. The Certificate will provide detailed information regarding the date of destruction and quantity of each item destroyed.
  • SHREDTEX provides Asset Tracking Services by recording the serial number of each hard drive prior to completing the destruction of the units. A copy of the serial number list is provided to the client with the Certificate of Destruction.
  • SHREDTEX recycles 100% of all hard drives, microfilm, microfiche, X-rays and MRIs that we destroy.
  • SHREDTEX ensure compliance with Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) disposal rules, HIPAA, SEC Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FDA safety regulations, the Bank Secrecy Act, the PCI Data Destruction Act, federal, local and state laws and regulations by having a documented end-of-life procedure in place.
  • SHREDTEX handles everything. Collection, transport, destruction, disposal, chain of custody and certification of destruction.


ShredTex Serves Five star Reviews

“We used ShredTex to destroy old computers and paper files containing customer’s confidential financial information we had collected over the years.  When preparing for an office move and greater reliance on electronic storage, it was a great help to have them come by the office and securely destroy all the no longer needed files.  The quick response time and punctuality in meeting the appointment were appreciated some very busy days.”

Tom P.

ShredTex Serves Five star Reviews

“I highly recommend ShredTex for all your shredding needs.  If you’re tired of your collection of old phones, laptops, CPUs and tablets, take them to ShredTex.  I was looking for a place to take all of these items but was disappointed that many places service businesses only.  I came across ShredTex and was pleasantly surprised they offered service to residential customers.  They have great customer service and the prices are very reasonable.”

Karla G.

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